Jim Kempner Fine Art

Game Over

Robert Attansio
Game Over

October 9th, 2015 - November 7th, 2015

Robert Attanasio’s text-based works on paper playfully skewer the art world. For example, representing museums as mausoleums where art is buried, the artist mocks their predictable and interchangeable collections. Attanasio’s stripped-down yet visually-arresting pieces are syllabic puzzles. These deconstructed words force viewers to reconstruct in order to decipher them. By manipulating the space through cropping and placement, the artist makes room for multiple meanings. The works share a desire to dismiss institutionalized and sanctioned art and artists while paradoxically engaging with them.

All proceeds will go towards assisting the artist with his recent medical expenses.
Please come to enjoy the work and help out in any way you can!

For further information please contact Sarah Bielicky at sarah@jimkempner.com or Dru Arstark at dru@jimkempner.com

Robert Attanasio