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    Jennifer Bartlett

    Jennifer Bartlett (b. 1941) has alternately been considered a painter, a printmaker, and an installation artist, though her iconic works combine these three practices. Bartlett has become known for colorful painting on baked enamel on steel plates, which she then installs in grids. Each plate is both an individual work and a part of a larger piece. She also works with numerous mediums including pencil, ink, conte, oil pastel, gouache, drypoint, aquatint, screen prints, woodcuts, and lithography. Bartlett received her MFA from Yale, where her classmates included Richard Serra, Brice Marden, and Nancy Graves. She was perhaps most influenced by Sol LeWitt's "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art" at the start of her career.

  • Works on Paper


  • Works on Paper