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    Long-Bin Chen BIOGRAPHY

    Long-Bin Chen is a self-taught artist from Taiwan who gathers discarded books and magazines for his sculpture busts of Buddhas and other historical figures, giving a renewed value to the meaning of discarded supplies. Incorporating texts that are relevant to a particular sculpture, Chen seeks to combine ideas and concepts from the East with those of the West. His use of recycled materials stresses the challenges presented by endless human consumption and waste and comments on the changes of information documentation brought about by modern technology. Chen was the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Award in 1996, and was given a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, in both 1997 and 1998. He has exhibited widely across the United States, Germany, Taiwan, and China. His work is in the collections of Deutsche Bank Art, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, the University of Oregon, the Patrick Koenig Collection Poet House, the John Guyfrend Collection, the Sarabhai Family Collection, the West Collection, the Taiwan National Museum, the Osaka Culture Bureau, Allan Chasanoff, the Suho Paper Museum, among others.

  • Sculpture


  • Sculpture