Jim Kempner Fine Art

Nineteen Very Old Drawings and a Coffin

Craig Norton

'Nineteen Very Old Drawings and a Coffin'

April 3 - May 17, 2014

Known for his sociopolitical-based installation work, Norton’s recent series grapples with the evanescence of aging and the presence of the elderly in modern day society. Using his signature style of extremely realistic stippled faces and hands over top of garments collaged from wallpaper, Norton presents new figurative vignettes that penetrate societal views toward the elderly. Norton depicts the elderly with veneration, while scrutinizing the absent ways in which younger generations treat their elders. He re-creates archetypical scenes celebrating these figures, such as a woman and her granddaughter celebrating a birthday or building a snowman together. These compositions that have subtle graffiti-like markings on them as an analogy to something that is neglected, unwanted, dying and uncomfortable. 

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Birthday Wishes
, 2013.
Wood, paint, wallpaper collage, pen, cloth, candle.
20 x 10 x 9’’.

Dropping Grandma Off at the Old Folks Home
, 2013.
100 year-old coffin, wood, glue, paint, pen and wallpaper collage.
90 x 88 x 76".

Craig Norton