Jim Kempner Fine Art


John Henry


May 22 - June 19, 2014

The exhibition presents the evolution of John Henry’s sculpture in recent years. The geometric forms that have defined John’s work for more than forty years have their aesthetic and historical base in Constructivism. With a Bauhaus sensibility for design, Henry has developed a mastery over the principles of structure, balance, and equilibrium. The smaller finished pieces, such as Torque and Symplexus, are investigations into ideas of parts and relationships. These studies allow the artist to explore the elements necessary to realize a conceptualized idea in its large form. Henry’s monumental work reflects his understanding of the relationship between sculpture and architecture. Archur, a 13-foot high steel sculpture that will reside in the gallery’s sculpture garden, embodies the physical energy and industrial fluidity that largely defines Henry’s large-scale pieces.

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Sanctum, 2009.
Painted Machined Aluminum.
15 x 23.5 x 14”.

The Promise, 2013.
Painted aluminum.
52 x 86 x 12". Unique.

John Henry