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The Landscapes of ‘Are You Really My Friend?’

Tanja Hollander

The Landscapes of 'Are You Really My Friend?'

November 16 - December 21, 2013

Internationally known for her work as a landscape photographer, Tanja Hollander shifted her focus in 2011 to embark on a new venture of photographing all of her Facebook friends. “Facebook seemed an ideal forum for this exploration. Though we are in the initial stages of understanding the effects of social networking on American culture and photography, there is a pervasive feeling that it is changing our interactions with each other and building a false sense of community,” Hollander explains. Hollander’s Facebook rolodex will send her to 100+ cities, 43 states and will send her to 11 countries and 4 continents to see 600+ friends. By reaching past the profile page, Hollander peers into the everyday environment of her Facebook friends to discover a portrait dictated by physical friendship and home, rather than a virtual persona. While traveling for the portrait project, Hollander discovered and documented different landscapes, thus revisiting a familiar subject and developing a new layer of meaning.

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Untitled 139806 (Half Moon Bay, California), 2013
Archival Pigment Print. 
30 x 30’’. Edition 10.

Untitled 91910 (Phippsburg, Maine), 2011.
Archival Pigment Print.
36 x 36”. Edition 10. 

Tanja Hollander